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Summer WaveŽ Bouquet Cream Yellow (USPPP)

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Type: Annual
Boasting a tolerance to heat and dry soil that wilts other torenias, Bouquet Cream yellow sports large bi-colored flowers and a lush trailing habit. In addition, each snapdragon-like bloom displays a unique wishbone created by their stamens.


Bloom: Yellow Cream w/Purple throat
Season: April - November
Tolerance: Heat tolerant.
Light: Part sun to part shade.
Foot Candle: 3,500 to 8,000 ft. candles
PPP: 1ppp 4"-6", 3ppp 8", 3-4ppp 10"
Finish Time: 12-14 weeks for 10"; 8-10 weeks for 4"-6"
Water: Moderate to dry, avoid wilting.
Fertilizer: 200-250 ppm N
Temperature: Day 75-85F. Night 55-65F.
Pinch: One soft pinch at liner planting.
Growth Reg: Sumagic at low rates, if needed. Do not use Florel as it will delay flowering.
Pests: Aphids. Powdery mildew. Maintain good air movement. Drench with broad-spectrum fungicide at liner planting.
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