We are very excited to introduce Pineae’s newest innovation – the patent-pending Wooley Water Wise™!

Responding to the problem of hanging baskets not achieving optimal results in arid climates, we began researching options to maintain moisture levels and provide steady nitrogen delivery to compensate for the dry and windy conditions experienced in the Western United States.

In our efforts we discovered wool, because of it’s ability to hold up to 20x its weight in water, provides an excellent solution to reduce water stress and increase nitrogen delivery when compressed into pellet form and added as a soil amendment.

With the addition of the Wooley Water Wise™ wool pellets to their potted soil, plants require less watering and the wool pellets will continue to provide natural fertilization for the consumer during the hot and windy summer season.

End result? A better way to grow potted flowers and plants!

Contact us today to add this innovation to your product line!

The use, manufacturing, addition and use of Wool Pellets to and in soil and growing systems is protected by Patent Applications that are currently pending approval by the U.S. Patent Office. The trade-name “Wooley Water Wise” is a registered trademark of Pineae Greenhouses Inc.